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Are you ready for your life’s priorities to be turned upside down? The journey begins with seeking God’s kingdom, hidden like a treasure. But it’s hidden in plain sight—right at your feet.
In this hands-on Field Guide and accompanying Small Group Guide, Pastor Brian Steele will encourage you to:
– Seek God’s kingdom—because you can’t find what you aren’t looking for.
– See God’s kingdom—because it is really real.
– Live out your purpose and glorify God with the smallest details of your daily life.
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About Brian

How does a divorced, broken geologist become a pastor and then dare to write a book about the Bible’s most relevant story for our day?
Brian Steele serves as a pastor at Christ the King Community Church in Bellingham, Washington. After spending 8 years studying Jesus’ parable of the hidden treasure, he now serves as a guide to finding God’s kingdom—like a treasure hiding in plain sight right beneath your feet. Through speaking, conferences, retreats, and personal coaching, Steele has shared—with thousands of people—simple but powerful steps toward a flourishing life.